Goodbye Pretty Little Lovers!

This morning I went crazy and ordered 3 really pretty eyeshadow palettes online. Impulse online shopping is a weakness that I occasionally cannot control. Which is why I own an absurd amount of eyeshadow palettes. They all look so beautiful, resisting is almost impossible. However this morning, after ordering more, I decided to go through my palette stash and downsize as best as I could for today. I took out 5 sets that were purchased and never/barely used. The ones I don’t even think of when thinking about which to use. Some were easy to pick and some were put back and forth from the “yes” to “no” pile repeatedly. There’s still a few that I’m on the fence about and will probably let go of soon. Just not quite yet…Why is decluttering so difficult??

These are the ones I chose to say goodbye to. The Sephora Moonshadow and theBalm Meet Matt(e) were easy choices. I never ever use them and they were both purchased on really good sales. The Smashbox Glam Femme and On The Rocks, and theBalm Nude’tude were tough. All have pretty colours but other palettes have the colours I like in all around better palettes. Kinda sad, but kinda not. They will all be donated between my mom, 2 sisters and sister-in-law. Hope they are happy in their new homes!

Goodbye lovers!!



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