New Additions

The other day I wrote about cleaning out some of my eyeshadow palettes. Everyone has a weakness and palettes are mine. I really love all things makeup and beauty but there’s just something about a well put together palette that just makes me crazy. Crazy enough to continue to buy them even though I really really do NOT need to. After decluttering a few that I wasn’t using, I felt in the mood to browse online “just to look”… Well, that was either a bad idea or a good one. Not sure which yet. Today that idea ended up on my doorstep, and it’s so pretty.

I grabbed the Paris Nude & the Sultry Muse Viseart palettes, First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads and a couple samples. So SO excited to start playing with the shadows.

Does anyone else have any beauty weaknesses that make you purchase things you know you really shouldn’t? I know I’m not the only one! Have you tried any of these palettes? Thoughts on them? Maybe some looks using them soon! Have a happy Tuesday everyone!



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