Viva Glam Miley I

Hello all! My search for the perfect hot pink lip has come to an end. I have been hunting through the drugstore cosmetics, the very few higher-end counters that my hometown has and browsing online in search for a great hot pink lip that wasn’t so crazy that I would feel awkward wearing. I don’t wear a lot of bright or dark colours on my lips so I was pretty choose-y (is that even a word??) while on my little hunt. Then, along came Miley Cyrus and MAC…I must admit, I really really dislike Miley Cyrus but, I do love what the Viva Glam line stands for and I also love this shade of lipstick ($20 CAD) and the matching lipglass ($18 CAD)! I examined a bunch of swatches online and saw tons of blog and YouTube reviews. My husband is travelling to Las Vegas for some work meetings soon. This girl decided she needs a little vaca, so I called up my mom and she agreed to take our kids for the 4 days we’ll be away! Looks like I’ll be tagging along! (WHOOHOO!!) I figured this would be the perfect time to test out wearing a fab hot pink lip! What better place then Vegas, right!? Thanks MAC! Your lipsticks never disappoint! 😘


Top to bottom: lipstick // lipglass// both combined

You can shop the lipstick here and the lipglass here.

** I’m diggin’ these two together so much that I’m contemplating the new Miley Viva Glam II…not sure if I’m brave enough for the bright orange but it looks so pretty! What do you think?**

Let me know if you have any favourite hot pink lip products!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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5 thoughts on “Viva Glam Miley I

  1. That is a nice pink! I was recently on the search for the perfect pink lipstick as well! The one I found was #19 YSL’s rouge pur couture lipstick. I’m in love! I have a few I liked from Mac but I am still trying to decide between them all!!


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