My REAL 5 Minute Face!

Hello everyone! These days, I have been feeling like mornings are insane. With school back in for my son and life back to normal after an amazingly lazy summer, I have been feeling like from the second I get up in the mornings, the day is just non-stop. I feel like if I can squeeze in a shower before leaving the house to do anything, it’s going to be a good day. I very often go the whole day without makeup but sometimes when I do, I really wish I hadn’t gone out in public completely bare faced. Usually, that’s when I’ll bump into someone that I really don’t want to run into looking like a total zombie. So, for days like these, I have come up with a very simple makeup routine that makes me feel good. It isn’t anything amazing or mind blowing or anything like that, it’s just a couple steps to make me feel like I can enter the land of the living and fit in.

The trick is to find for yourself the parts of your face that are the most troublesome or make you feel most insecure, and the parts you like the most and want to emphasize. For myself, I get really dark circles under my eyes and they make me look exhausted (probably how I actually feel). And my favourite feature is my eyelashes, they are long and dark and they have a pretty good natural curl. So for me, concealer and mascara are my best friends when it comes to rocking a 5 minute face. After that, it depends. Sometimes I will use a different concealer (a thicker one) for pesky spots that pop up if my skin is deciding to act up. If my skin is not too bad, I’ll skip it. I’ll usually use a cream blush on my cheeks because my skin is so fair that some pinky cheeks will bring a ton of health to my face and a cream blush can be applied with fingers instead of a brush. My eyebrows are ok, not the greatest but good enough that if I don’t have time to fill them in a bit it doesn’t bother me so I will give them a quick brush and that’s it. Then I’ll slap some gloss on my lips, dust some pressed powder over my T-zone and I’m done!

That’s it! Easy peasy! These are the products I have been grabbing lately to achieve my 5 minute masterpiece (haha!)

I’ve been loving Clarins lip gloss, L’Oreal concealer, Bourjois powder, Bourjois cream blush, MAC concealer (for spot concealing), and TheBalm mascara.

**Notice that 2 of these products were on my Use Up’s post! They’re on their way to being emptied! Woohoo!**

What products do you gravitate towards for the fastest makeup ever!?

Have a great day!


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