The Lovely Blog Award | 2

What!? Another nomination for an award! Yay! I was nominated by the lovely Lipstick on the Lake! If you aren’t already following her blog, I suggest you head on over and check her out! I really enjoy reading her posts! She does lots of looks using different palettes, nail polish posts, swatches and lots more. Thank you so much for the nomination!!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2.  List the rules and display the award.

3. State 7 facts bout yourself.

4.  Nominate 5 – 15 bloggers for the award and leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know.

7 Facts:

1. When I was 20 years old I went on a vacation to Disneyworld (Orlando) and it is still my favourite place that I have ever been too.

2.  I have a 6 year old, beige kitty named Roxy and a 4 year old, huge, fluffy, black Newfoundland doggie named Oscar.

3. My husband and I just booked a winter vacation to Veredero, Cuba. Going somewhere hot in February really lifts your spirits during the crazy, intense winters we get here (last winter it got as cold as -50 C…).

4. I’m a homebody, I would rather be snuggled on my couch with a glass of wine or cup of something hot, in my pj’s, with a fire on, reading or watching Netflix instead of going out. I do like to go out now and then but I LOVE being home.

5. I crave salty snacks over sweet ones.

6. My first job was taking phone orders at a local pizza place. It was the best because I got to eat free pizza whenever I wanted. Yum!

7. I was a smoker for 16 years. Quitting 4 years ago was the most wonderful thing I ever did for myself.

I Nominate:
Country Girl Em




Forkfuls of Fashion

Have a great day everyone!



4 thoughts on “The Lovely Blog Award | 2

  1. High five for quitting smoking! I am a former smoker too but I quit after 5 years and it’s been about a year and a half now. Best thing I did! Besides the health benefits, being able to put away more money for makeup and cosmetics has been the cherry on the cake!

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