Face Mask Love ~ Peter Thomas Roth 

We all know that skin care is very important. Personally, I love a good mask. Something about it feels so calming and luxurious. I usually do mine in the evenings, in a hot bath, after my kids have gone to bed. A little pampering makes me feel good at the end of the day! I wanted to share with you the ones I’ve been enjoying.

Can you tell that I have been having a bit of a Peter Thomas Roth facial mask moment? I just really love them!

It all started with the Rose Stem Cell mask.

Months ago, around the middle of last winter, my skin was feeling sort of dull. I felt like I needed a hydration boost or something to help my skin look a bit more lively. On the Sephora website, I found this mask. It sounded lovely so I decided to try it. I like it, not sure if I love it, but I like it. My skin is combo/oily so I didn’t want anything intensely moisturizing, just a little bit. This mask gives my skin a bit of life. It always feels soft and plump after washing it off. I keep mine in the fridge so that it feels extra soothing when I apply it. Also, the scent is nice.

Next came the Irish Mood Mud mask.

I did a review on this mask a bit ago (here). I still love it. Being a mud mask and not a clay mask, it is nice and gentle on my sensitive skin but still unclogs my pores and leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. It’s definitely a good one.

The newest edition to my PTR mask stash, the Pumpkin Enzyme mask.

I have only used this one a couple of times but so far, so SO good! My skin feels very much like it does after using the Irish Moor Mud mask, except more exfoliating due to the fine granules. It gives me clean, bright, hydrated, healthy looking skin. The scent is a vey intense pumpkin spice scent. I enjoy it, but if you are sensitive to scents or do not enjoy the aroma of pumpkin, this one might be tough for you to use. I personally LOVE it!

There are more masks made by this brand that I have my eye on but, I am going to behave and wait until at least one of the ones I already own is used up before taking the plunge on a new one.

**I do have other masks that are more affordable, that I sprinkle in here and there which I also love. I’ll do a post in the future with some of these, if you’re interested.

Have you tried any of these or any other PTR masks?  Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great day!


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