Mini Thoughts Monday ~ L’Oreal Age Perfect Eye Renewal

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Mini Thoughts Monday! Today’s sample is another eye cream. It’s the L’Oreal Age Perfect Eye Renewal.

What the back reads:

A contour cream that works on dark circles, bags, puffiness, lines and crepey lids.

This sample came to me in a “gift with purchase” from Shoppers Drug Mart quite awhile ago.

Mini Thoughts:

My first thoughts were that it felt like a light cream that sank into the skin nicely. I had about 4 uses of this sample altogether. After the second use, I noticed that my hands were shimmery. Not like a nice glowing shimmer either. They were sparkling under my bathroom lights. I guess that’s how this cream is supposed to bring a “youthful” look to your undereyes. No thanks. I prefer my eye cream not to sparkle. The cream itself felt alright. It sunk into my skin pretty quickly and didn’t feel sticky or oily. I just can’t get past the glitter. I would not purchase a full size of this one because of that.

**i found a full size on the Walmart website. It retails for $24.96 for a 15 mL bottle.

That’s it for today! I hope yours is amazing!


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