Hi guys!

If you search the hashtag #UDxGwen anywhere, you’ll get a TON of photos of this amazing palette. It is the Urban Decay collab with the one and only Gwen Stefani. There is so much hype around this palette, and being the palette junkie that I am, I had to have it. I received an email from Sephora telling me I was able to pre-order it. Immediately, I went to the site and added it to my cart. I still have yet to use it but I thought I would show you what it looks like!

Tati (The Glam Life Guru) said she thinks it’s a great mix of all of the Naked palettes bundled into one. I couldn’t agree more! There is a variety of shimmers and mattes, in warm (original Naked), cool (Naked 2), and rosy (Naked 3) tones. There’s also a couple of brights for the colour lovers out there! It’s a really practical eyeshadow palette and I think the collab was done beautifully! Also the packaging, so beautiful!!

I could look at it all day long, it’s just so pretty! Time to watch some YouTube videos to learn some fun ways to use this baby!

Have you tried this palette? Let me know what you think of it!

Have a beautiful day!


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21 thoughts on “UDxGwen

  1. This palette is definitely something I would use..i’m such sucker for neutrals! However, the blue and pink are the only two I probably wouldn’t end up using.
    I got to thinking about it though, for a Gwen Stefani collab the colors in this palette are VERY tame- I was expecting something a little more funky from her!

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    1. Yes! The neutrals are really pretty. I also probably won’t end up using the colours all that much. Usually I stick to neutral shades. I totally agree about the colours! I thought for sure there would be more colourful shades! I guess it works out in my favour though since I most likely wouldn’t use them. Thanks for reading!! x

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