Lush ~ Santa’s Lip Scrub

Hello everyone! Yesterday I stopped into Lush to get a lip scrub. The colder weather is torture on my lips. Previously I had used and finished the Popcorn scrub. I found it to be yummy at first but the smell soon lost it’s appeal. I had intended to try the Mint Julips flavour this time but I spotted this one. Santa’s lip scrub is a cola flavoured scrub. The cola flavour comes from the cherries and dates in the ingredients. I really like that it’s not overly sweet and I found the scent to not be too overpowering. Santa’s scrub is a limited-edition flavour that has come out for retail the past few holiday seasons.

This scrub is made from chunky caster sugar, is used to exfoliate drier lips,ย and it contains tiny hearts (all edible)! How cute!?

Sometimes these scrubs can be quite messy. When I need it to be less crumbly, I add a bit of coconut oil to my finger before applying the scrub. This works great!

I really like this one. I wish this flavour was available all year because I think it might be my favourite one!

Have you tried a lip scrub by Lush? What are your favourite flavours?

Have a great day!


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