Welcome To The Family Bon Bons!

A little post today, mostly a few pictures for some viewing pleasure… I haven’t used this palette yet because I just received it in the mail today. Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes are probably my favourite palette series. I would choose them over Urban Decay Naked palettes, although I love them too… The original and the Semi-Sweet palettes have been great so I am excited to start playing with the newest one!

Here are a few pictures:

Chocolate Bar (original palette)
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar (second palette)

Chocolate Bon Bons (third palette)
When the Semi-Sweet came out I waited a bit before I bought it. I felt like it looked so much like the first one. After seeing it in person at a Sephora store, I realized that it was so gorgeous. So, when the Bon Bons came out I jumped on the chance to get it. I’m glad I did because it really is pretty. The packaging is cute, maybe a bit too cute for a 33 year old like myself but, what really matters is the product. There are some great mattes and beautiful shimmers/satins. I’m not sure how much use I will get from the hot pink shade but the rest I can definitely see myself loving and using a lot! And let us not forget, the glorious chocolate scent from the cocoa powder that you get every time the lid is opened. Amazing.

Was it a necessary purchase? Probably not. Am I glad I purchased it anyway? Definitely!

That’s it for today! What are your favourite series of palettes!?

Have a wonderful day!


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33 thoughts on “Welcome To The Family Bon Bons!

    1. Hard to pick but I think I would say the first is my favourite so far. The semi sweet is a really, really close second though! I haven’t tried the Bon Bon yet. But yeah, so far the original I would say is my fav! x

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  1. When I read the title, for a second I thought this post was about you welcoming a new cat/dog that you named Bon Bon into the family…hahaha.
    Would love to hear what you think about the new palette, and/or some swatches! I don’t own any of the Chocolate Bar palettes as I already have too many neutral eye shadows, but have always wanted the original!

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    1. Ooohhh hahaha! I WISH it was a new kitty or puppy!! My kids do too! The original I think is my very favourite one. I’ll definitely let you know about this one though! So far, it looks really nice! Ill play with it a bit and do a post!? I’m cutting myself off of buying more neutral palettes for awhile…its getting ridiculous 😬 but they’re so pretty, it’s so hard to resist! Thanks for reading! x


    1. I love the semi sweet too! I haven’t used bonbons yet because it just come to me yesterday! But, I’m going to use it today so I’ll let you know! Swatching the shades makes me think the quality is the same. They feel so soft and silky 😍 x

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  2. For some reason that little pop of colour in the Chocolate Bar palettes has always been a little intimidating to me. I guess it’s a subconscious thing that one bright shade makes me not crave a palette even though I think the Chocolate Bar and the Semisweet one have a gorgeous selection of neutrals! I also love the Zoeva Cocoa Blend and the En Taupe Palette. I’m currently hosting a giveaway on my blog, so feel free to stop by and enter πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes! I don’t think i have ever used the bright colours. But the rest are so beautiful that it makes up for it! I have seen lots of reviews with the Zoeva palettes. They look SO nice! I think I have to order them online because I have never seen them in a store. I hear good things about their brushes too! x

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  3. Had the original Chocolate Bar for a while now and I agree that it’s better than the UD Naked 1-3. I just ordered Semi Sweet yesterday after lusting after it for months. Why do I do this? It really is too similar…And Chocolate Bon Bons? The next thing I’ll lust after and eventually succumb to.

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    1. I know, i try so hard to convince myself that I don’t need another palette and in the end I always cave. This one was hard because the quality of the others is so nice! I’m sure I’ll feel the will kick in soon haha! x

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    1. The first one is amazing!! It’s probably my favourite one! My skin tone is pretty neutral so I don’t normally have problems with any shades not suiting me. Hopefully this palette is the same. Have you tried the semi sweet palette? That one’s nice too! x

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  4. It’s so cute!!! I love the heart shaped pans. I am obsessed with my semisweet and original chocolate bar so i need to get my hands on this. I would love to see you create a look with this palette😍😍😍

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    1. They’re really nice! Normally I would say that the original is my favourite but I have been using the semi sweet quite a bit lately! If you like more warm shadows then I’d say the first. If you like a bit of warm and cool, I’ve been enjoying the second! It’s so hard to choose haha! πŸ™ˆ

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