Nails ~ L’Oreal

Hi! Today’s post is a quick one! Walmart had a sale on their L’Oreal nail polishes a few weeks ago. I purchased a few and today is the first time I tried any of them. The one I chose today is L’Oreal’s Doutzen’s Nude (600). I would say it’s a dusty mauve based nude. I love a good nude polish and I think everyone should have one (or twelve) in their collection!The application was impressive, quite opaque and applied evenly. No streaks or blotchiness and it wasn’t watery. I really like this one, it’s definitely going to be a much used polish.What are your favourite nude shades for polish? I’m always on the lookout for some good ones!

Have a great day today! It’s snowing lots of big and fluffy snowflakes here today so I think I’m going to bundle up the kids and head out for some sliding and other fun snow activities.


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22 thoughts on “Nails ~ L’Oreal

  1. This is beautiful dusty mauve shade! I’m a sucker for these types of colours. 🙂
    Essie makes some great nudes: Brooch the Subject, Jazz, Topless and Barefoot (sorry not sure if any of them are limited edition).

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    1. I love these shades too! They’re always the first ones I notice.
      I have topless and barefoot and I LOVE that one! I’m going to look next time I’m around the store for the others!


    1. I follow her on Instagram! I keep forgetting to subscribe to her on YouTube but I always mean too! I love this shade! Today I got a compliment at the hockey arena on it too!! It’s pretty 🙂 x

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    1. Haha! Ya, I agree on the top coat unless it’s a fast drying one! It is still pretty food, only a little chip on one nail so far and it’s been 3 days I think. I’m also an Essie girl. I think that’s what most of my nail polishes are! x

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