Nails ~ O•P•I w/ Essie

Hello! How is everyone’s Friday!? Mine? So far, so good!

Last night I decided to give my nails a polish. I was in the mood for something dark with a touch of sparkle. I ended up choosing O•P•I’s Light My Sapphire and a coat of Essie’s Stroke Of Brilliance on my ring fingers. I really like how this turned out! The two blues paired together was pretty and sparkled nicely in the light without looking too “in your face” glittery. 

**for those who are new to my blog, keep in mind the fact that as much as I love painting my nails, I’m terrible at it. This post is about the shades, not so much amazing manicure skills**

Light My Sapphire applied very easily, smooth and opaque. I used two coats of this and two coats of Stroke Of Brilliance on the ring fingers.

What do you think? It was the first time using both shades and I love them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stacey T


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14 thoughts on “Nails ~ O•P•I w/ Essie

  1. Oh you’re too harsh on your nail painting skills – this looks great!
    I got Essie Stroke of Brilliance in a duo set (I mainly wanted it for the other shade lol) but I’ll have to try it layered over a dark shade like you’ve done.

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    1. I don’t know why I get so nervous about posting pictures of my nails painted 🙈 lol! What shade did it come with in be duo set!? I really like how the two polishes looked together!

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    1. Yes! So many beautiful shades! They do chip pretty easily. I feel like my nails always last no more than 3 days with any polish. My hands are always into things -dirt, water, snow, tying hockey skates, etc… Having little boys isn’t exactly nail polish friendly lol! x


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