Nails ~ Essie w/ Jamberry

Oh, hey there! It’s been a hot minute since my last post! Life these days has been busy, to say the least. Between my hubby working out of town for weeks at a time, kids and their extracurricular activities, the class I’m taking for college, camp on the weekends (with no wifi) and just life in general, blogging has taken a back seat. I miss it though so I’m going to make a major effort to fit it all in.

Today’s post is a quick one, as I have loads of studying to do (boooo!). I recently placed an order for nail wraps from a company called Jamberry. My friend had a party through Facebook and they looked interesting so I gave them a go. I have never tried a nail wrap but I figured now was the time! My order came in and with it was a couple of samples for accent nails. I decided to start with one of those for my first time applying one, so I didn’t ruin a set that I paid for if I applied it wrong. 

The polish I used is Go Ginza from Essie and on my pinky finger, a Jamberry nail wrap named Spot On. I think it turned out pretty cute. The wraps were way easier to apply than i thought it would be. Now I’m excited to try out some of the sets that I had ordered!

What do you think? Have you ever tried Jamberry or any other brands of nail wraps? Let me know if you know of a quality brand to try out! So far I’m diggin’ these!

Thanks for reading & have a wonderful day!


Stacey T

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30 thoughts on “Nails ~ Essie w/ Jamberry

  1. That looks super cute on you! Love the neutral paired with the leopard accent nail 🙂
    I’ve been dying to try out Jamberry nail wraps because they seem to have so many cool designs, but I never knew how to get my hands on them since no one I know has ever had a Jamberry party. Luckily, a friend picked some up for me for my birthday when she was at a trade show, but it would still be nice to be able to have better access to them! Excited to try them now since you said they’re easy to apply!

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    1. Thank you! I like how it turned out too! I had never heard of Jamberry before! I guess ordering from the website is the only way unless you can get some unless someone has a party. Are you in southern Ontario? I think the lady that I ordered from (and will again next time) is in southern Ontario. I’m in Northwestern Ontario but she answered questions and helped me with payments and stuff. I can send you her info if you’d like! It’s nice to have someone to help you out with questions and things. I had to YouTube a few application tutorials before I tried to do it lol!

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    1. I’ve looked at the Sally Hansen ones in Shoppers Drug Mart but never went for it. Before I applied these ones I YouTube’d a few tutorials lol! Thanks you! Hopefully the full set will go as smoothly!

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  2. I still have a set of polish strips from when OPI took a stab at them many years ago but I still have yet to try them! I think I’m afraid of screwing them up, haha! Someday I’ll try them out though! Love the leopard accent! I’ve always loved accent nails, definitely my favourite way to chane up a manicure! A few years ago I was at High Variety buying lottery tickets and the guy at the counter was so confused and felt the need to point out I forgot to put glitter on my other four nails, it was pretty funny! haha

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    1. Camping is honestly my favourite thing to do in be summer. There’s just nothing like it. My husband is a die hard fisherman so if it’s not opened up by May long weekend, life is just not right for him lol! Where does you and your family camp? Hopefully they open it soon!!

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      1. Really!! Silver Islet is my favourite place around here. Growing up we camped at Sibley all summer and we would always go to the store in Silver Islet, get ice cream or candy’s and walk around in the docks outside the store. Such a beautiful place. I always wished we could have a camp there. We are at Thousand Lakes Resort on Lac Des Mille Lac just before Upsala.

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    1. Haha! I know!! I change my polish every couple days, it’s hard to make that 5-7 day commitment! I still haven’t done a full mani yet because, like you, I’m not ready to commit lol!

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    1. Thank you! I just did a full manicure with a set for the first time and it worked out really well too! I really like these Jamberry’s! That beastie polish is SO pretty! Might be my new favourite shade! xo

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