Stila | 2 Gift Sets

Hi everyone!

A few days ago I was out at Shoppers Drug Mart, looking for a new facial toner. While at the counter to pay I noticed these two Stila gift sets sitting there…staring at me. I couldn’t just leave them there, they were so cute and all alone. I knew I could give them a good home.

Now, I have never owned a liquid lipstick made by Stila because I have not been able to decide on which shade to choose. I prefer nudes for everyday wear and Stila seems to have quite a wide variety! The first set that caught my eye was the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and Glitterati Lip Top Coat…phew, that’s quite the name! This set contains 5 mini lipsticks plus a glitter topcoat (multi-colour sparkle). The shades included are Baci (nude pink), Rubino (beet red), Fresco (mid tone dusty rose), Patina (dusty rose) and Bacca (raspberry). The reason this one caught my eye was because it contained a few of the shades that I had been trying to decide between. Now I don’t have to decide! Yippie! Here are some (sloppy) swatches for you:

L-R: Rubino, Fresco, Patina, Bacca, Baci
L – R: Rubino, Fresco, Patina, Bacca, Baci, Glitter Topcoat
*I had an accident while trying to swatch Bacca…things got a bit messy – I think I need to take a course on swatching techniques! It’s way harder than it looks to make them pretty…*

I really like this set. I think all the shades are very wearable. I don’t know how much use I’ll get from the glitter topcoat because I don’t usually like sparkle in my lipsticks but maybe I’ll like it once I give it a try.

Right beside this set was a second set called Stila Bright & Bold and this little set needed a good home too.

This set contains three mini liquid lipsticks, two of which are limited edition.

L-R: Beso, Lume, Viola
L-R: Beso, Lume, Viola
I like this set as well but I will say that I’ll probably (most definitely) never wear Viola. It is very vibrant. But I really like the other two shades. Beso (true red) Lume (deep fuchsia – limited edition), and Viola (cool lavender – limited edition) are the shades included.

With the exception of Viola, I can definitely see myself enjoying all these shades. These sets also make great gifts for the lipstick lovers in your life (or to your lipstick lovin’ self). As for the cost, I paid $51.00 (CND) for the 6 piece nude set and $26.00 (CND) for the  3 piece brights set. Considering one tube retails for $31.00 (CND) on the Sephora website, I would say if you liked the majority of these shades then these sets are pretty good deals. I do not have pictures of these in their packages because I opened and mangled the packages before considering making a blog post on them. Oops!

I’m looking forward to trying these out, I have heard lots of good things about these liquid lipsticks. I’ll do an actual review after some wear time as well! Have you tried these before? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear!

That’s it for today! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


Stacey T

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14 thoughts on “Stila | 2 Gift Sets

  1. Funny that you went into Shoppers for a toner and came out with all these lipsticks! 😆 Just WHO is going to Viola out in public? 😮 I do like the look of Baci out of all of the colours you got.
    Swatching products CAN be tricky, I agree! I typically use those flat paddle shaped cotton buds. I find they keep things neater looking and don’t damage the pan.

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  2. I love those sets! I love liquid lipsticks, but this also seems like a great gift idea for my sister who shares my love of them…. I’ll have to go check them out! I really like the variety that each set contains. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on their wear time and such!

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