Nails ~ Essie w/ Jamberry

Oh, hey there! It’s been a hot minute since my last post! Life these days has been busy, to say the least. Between my hubby working out of town for weeks at a time, kids and their extracurricular activities, the class I’m taking for college, camp on the weekends (with no wifi) and just life in general, blogging has taken a back seat. I miss it though so I’m going to make a major effort to fit it all in.

Today’s post is a quick one, as I have loads of studying to do (boooo!). I recently placed an order for nail wraps from a company called Jamberry. My friend had a party through Facebook and they looked interesting so I gave them a go. I have never tried a nail wrap but I figured now was the time! My order came in and with it was a couple of samples for accent nails. I decided to start with one of those for my first time applying one, so I didn’t ruin a set that I paid for if I applied it wrong.  keep reading…

Nails ~ O•P•I w/ Essie

Hello! How is everyone’s Friday!? Mine? So far, so good!

Last night I decided to give my nails a polish. I was in the mood for something dark with a touch of sparkle. I ended up choosing O•P•I’s Light My Sapphire and a coat of Essie’s Stroke Of Brilliance on my ring fingers. I really like how this turned out! The two blues paired together was pretty and sparkled nicely in the light without looking too “in your face” glittery.  keep reading…

Nails ~ Essie


Check out this polish! How pretty!? I felt like painting my nails something dark but I wasn’t in the mood for basic black. I wanted some pizzazz!  I dug through my stash and found this one. It’s Essie’s Frock ‘N Roll. The shade is describes as a rich espresso brown with shimmer. The colour was so dark that it looked black to everyone who’s opinion I asked for. The shade was quite opaque and applied nice and even. I really like this one! keep reading…

Nails ~ Essie

Hello! Today I wanted to share a new shade of polish I picked up during a sale at Shoppers Drug Mart. The shade I purchased is Virgin Snow by Essie. I’m terrible at describing shades so I took to the Essie website and they say that Virgin Snow is an icy, frozen lavender shade. I think that’s a perfect description! keep reading…

Nails ~ Essie

Hello all! Today I painted my nails with a polish I bought quite awhile ago, maybe a year ago. I’ve never used it! I look at it every time I paint my nails but always end up choosing something else. It’s so pretty! I thought I’d share! Now remember…I’m terrible at painting my nails so this isn’t a pro-manicure type post, I just wanted to show you how pretty the colour is!

Essie’s Penny Talk
I find it difficult to evenly apply metallic nail polishes but the colour is so pretty! To me, Penny Talk is a light coppery-bronzy shade with a light pink sheen when you move your nails around in the light. I think it looks lighter and more pink on the nails than it does in the bottles. It’s very pretty!

Have a lovely day!


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Nails ~ Essie

Hey! Quick post! Today I wanted to share today’s polish choices. I have painted my nails using these polishes 2 weeks in a row. I never do that! I feel guilty doing that because I have a ridiculous amount of polishes, I feel like I should use different ones each time. But, I’ve enjoyed this combo so much! I love how they look paired keep reading…